The Lp.Pay Point of Sale

Grow your business and build your customer base with every transaction

Effortless growth

Our automated marketing campaigns keep your customers engaged and excited to return to your business again and again.

Reliable payments

Easily accept chip, swipe and contactless payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, without any hidden fees.

Helpful tools

Track transactions, generate reports, and configure all your business tools conveniently from one Point of Sale system.

Grow your business with ease

The Lp.Pay POS is ideal for growing businesses that need an efficient way to track loyalty points, send impactful marketing campaigns, and take reliable payments.


Utilize on-screen tipping

On-screen tipping is an easy way for your customers to choose from automated tipping amounts without needing to calculate it themselves.

Streamline your signups

Customers can conveniently sign up at checkout directly from the Customer Touchscreen with their phone number.

Recognize your regulars

Once a customer signs up for rewards, their number and credit card are linked, so when they return to your business they’ll be automatically recognized.

Features you’ll love about the Lp.Pay POS

  • Payments

    Accept all major forms of payment including contactless

  • Tips

    Increase your tips with convenient tip suggestions for your customers

  • Order Management

    Easily take any order or variation to keep your checkout line moving

  • Menu Management

    Create or edit menus quickly by category, product, and meal

  • Reporting

    Analyze KPIs like sales, popular products, and foot traffic in real-time

  • Accounting

    Export data for easy loading to Quickbooks or other accounting software

Here’s how POS works for your business

works for your business

With the Lp.Pay POS, you can build your customer database with every transaction. Customers have the opportunity to sign up or check in directly on the Customer Touchscreen, creating a seamless checkout experience for everyone.

Did you know that on average 60% of customers don’t return to a business after their first visit? That’s where we come in!

Once a customer has signed up for your loyalty rewards program, they’ll receive automated marketing messages and promotions to keep them engaged with your business. Plus, our robust Love Local Network of over 70 million local shoppers makes it easy for your business to be discovered by potential customers.

The Lp.Pay POS makes it easy to prioritize your regulars. In fact, customers are automatically recognized by their phone number and credit or debit card at checkout. You can even tag frequent customers based on their preferences, resulting in personalized promotions that keep them excited to return to your business.

Your dashboards are a powerful resource for sales and marketing data. You can easily monitor your tips, track bestsellers and margins on specific items, and more with robust sales reporting. Plus, our marketing reports help you analyze which promotions are working best for your business, saving you time and money.

When you purchase the SumUp POS + Loyalty for your storefront, you’ll receive five pieces of hardware:

-Customer Touch Screen

-Employee-Facing iPad

-iPad Stand

-Receipt Printer

-Cash Drawer

In addition to these items, you’ll also receive 2 extra receipt paper rolls and 2 ethernet cables, should you need them. The items listed above are the only pieces of hardware you need to work your Point of Sale. However, you can always purchase additional hardware through our accessory partner here

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Solo Printer Bundle

Enjoy all of the features of the Solo, with the added benefit of issuing receipts and charging your reader on-the-go.


Lp.Pay Solo

A sleek, standalone card reader with an intuitive touchscreen. View your sales and give refunds from one device.


Lp.Pay Plus

The perfect 3-in-1 card reader that uses the free Lp.Pay App on your smartphone or tablet to accept payments

Thats what our customers say:

We started to use lppay payment systems, a new module of the Lotus Pecas restaurant programs`in our business which we like to using. The integration between the two systems is very fast and easy to use.

Thank you to the developers of Lppay payment systems and Lotus Pecas.

Create your own integration with Lp.Pay POS

If you’re looking to build an integration for one specific customer, please make the request from the customer’s back-office or contact our support team for assistance

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