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Special wishes?

Book extra requests by simply adding or removing supplements.

Special wishes?

Book extra requests by simply adding or removing supplements.

FAQ: The right cash register for restaurants & co.

No, in this case our standard cash subscription is sufficient, suitable e.g. B. for food trucks, as a checkout for snack bars, bakeries, street food stands or ice cream parlors with window sales.

Our gastro package extends the standard functions with special attributes that make your work easier:

table view
Radio booking at kitchen/bar
insert management
Take away, happy hour and menu course selection
Separate bills and hospitality receipt

Fast, friendly, reliable – that’s service with ready2order. Our cash register not only meets all the requirements of the catering industry, but also generally scores with these properties:

Fast training: Intuitive to use – even without computer knowledge!
With employee management: Create individual access and authorizations for your operators via multi-login.
Optimize with real-time stats: Know your bestsellers and view sales per employee:in, day or month on any connected device.
Voucher management: Compensate guests for kitchen breakdowns and win new customers through voucher campaigns.
Cashless payment possible: Accept all major cards as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay with readyPay.
Mobile or stationary use: ready2order runs on iOS, Windows and Android. Whether smartphone, iPad, Mac or PC POS solution – our software runs on one or more devices of your choice.
Simplify your accounting: You can export your tax documents with just a few clicks via the DATEV interface.

Here you will find an overview of all ready2order functions for the standard subscription and gastro package.

At ready2order, we focus on supporting small and medium-sized businesses. We would be happy to advise you personally, answer your questions and find individual solutions for your checkout requirements.

Book your free personal consultation now.

Our readyGo has an integrated SIM card for strong internet and you can also rely on our POS systems for short-term offline operation.

If you have several devices in operation and want to work with wireless booking, you need a stable connection. If your company is very remote, for example, so that your POS system is not connected to the network at all or only very unreliably, an analogue POS solution is more suitable.

No, so far there is no cash register requirement in Germany.

In principle, companies in Germany are not obliged to use an electronic cash register: You can therefore freely decide whether you want to use an electronic or an open cash register.

However, anyone who is already using an electronic cash register must ensure by January 1st, 2023 that their cash register system is equipped with the prescribed technical safety device (TSE) – or replace the cash register with a TSE-capable model if it is impossible to upgrade it.

The possibility of an open till remains unaffected by this regulation. You can find more information about why it is still more time-saving and safer to operate an electronic cash register in our blog post on compulsory cash registers in Germany.

Our POS software with the standard functions is suitable for

Food truck, snack bar and bakery (without table service)
retail trade
Kiosk or Späti, floristry and market stall
Hairdresser, cosmetics & pedicure, masseurs and nail studio
Tattoos & Piercings
Photographers & Photo Shops
Taxi & Transportation
Gas station
Important: Restaurants, bars, cafés and ice cream parlors with table service also need our gastro package for smooth operations with wireless booking.

Anyone who runs a company must meet modern customer needs and at the same time take into account all current legal requirements. Working quickly, flexibly and always in compliance with the law – is that possible? Of course, because that’s exactly what we at ready2order take care of, and at a fair price.

We provide you with a reliable POS system with all the important functions for your business:

Of course, in compliance with the tax office: We build systems that work and, thanks to automatic updates, always work legally.
Easy and quick to use: Our cash register starts up quickly so that you can make sales quickly without a long period of training. Use existing devices or use the mobile readyGo or the stationary readyMax.
Adapted industry solutions: Our standard subscription is suitable for sales, services and trades – and with the catering package all functions for restaurant operations are added.
Modern payment options: cash, invoice and card payment, all with one checkout.
Support: We are there for you with technical questions from 6 a.m. to midnight via chat and e-mail.

There are two reasons not to opt for individual monthly licenses when purchasing your ready2order POS software, but for an annual subscription:

You save workload: Once created, your products, data and access authorizations remain in the system. Your cash register runs as if by itself when in use – even in seasonal operation. Simply switch it on and get started again – without time-consuming reinstallation!
Our annual subscription is worthwhile from 5 months of seasonal operation: Compared to 12 monthly licenses, you save 120 euros with the annual subscription – and the activation fee of 99 euros. And you can avoid repeated setup work. If you operate your checkout continuously, you save up to 267 euros from the 2nd year: And that corresponds to more than 6 months of a single license.
If you have also booked the gastro package, you can save even more if you pay annually.
Not quite clear yet? You can find precise calculation examples and further information on why you save even more in practice in our blog post on the subject of “Check out up to 7 months free of charge – with the ready2order annual subscription”.

Cloud means security. Because data that is “in the cloud” is stored on external servers in Germany. Why do we do it this way at ready2order? Very simple: your cash register data is always there when you need it. Even if something happens. In other words: Everything is never “suddenly gone”, but always there – even in the event of fire, flooding or tax document emergencies.

Although the advantages are obvious, not all POS providers rely on the cloud: If you want to buy a new cash register, you still have the choice between different systems: closed POS systems, which are mostly hardware-based, and open, cloud-based systems such as from ready2order.

Closed POS systems are the traditional variant: Here the software only runs on a very specific piece of hardware, which is why both are usually only sold together. Hardware-based means that the software and POS data are also on a fixed storage medium such as a USB stick. This is logical at first glance, but troubleshooting or updates with this configuration can only be carried out on site by a technician. The result: high costs and complicated service when needed.

A cloud POS system like ready2order, on the other hand, scores with real advantages: Our software works online in the cloud (i.e. on a server in the network). This gives you a secure footing with the tax office: we automatically, quickly and comprehensively install updates to all connected cash registers. Without worrying about possible changes in the law, you are always up to date without any action or extra costs. You can also conveniently receive new functions or updates from the manufacturer via automatic updates.

Additional plus: Thanks to cloud storage, your data is not only safe. But you also have access from anywhere and can work where you need your cash register – not only in the company, but also on the go or in the office at home.

ready2order is also a real all-rounder: our checkout app is compatible with a large number of devices and operating systems. Whether Windows, Android or iOS: With us you not only get powerful checkout terminals with everything you need, you can also continue to use your existing, supported hardware.

Would you like to find out more? Here you will find good reasons for a cloud POS system.